• me in class: wait what happened
  • me in class: what do we do
  • me in class: what do we write
  • me in class: when's the test
  • me in class: what is this
  • me in class: how do you do this
  • me in class: what





did anyone else notice dean gently caressing cas’s arm

and that knee grab

thats not what gets me. when you actually watch the episode you can hear how much his voice drops and becomes to soothing. kills me everytime

plus he turns away from sam to go help cas


if u dont know how to respond to something just say “how dare you”

@real_liam_payne:Thank you for all the birthday wishes :D makes me feel very very special your the best.



somebody photoshop a nose piercing on one of my pictures

i wanna see what i look like 



@Calum5SOS Hi my name is column

You Make Me Really Happy Meme: 5 Seconds Of Summer [Favourite Band]
"Just live right now, and be yourself, it doesn’t matter if it’s good enough for someone else."