Danielle Peazer| Do it like a dude, Jessie J music video 2010


Liquor Store Blues Music video by Bruno Mars and Damian Marley

Tumblr es como las drogas; una vez que entras es dificil salir.

“Creo en que la tricotilomanía y las conductas compulsivas son enfermedades del alma” — Abby Leora Rohrer (via damnitcasgetoutofmyass)


above all that is random | Christina Grimmie & Sarah Happlesful


Things Louis Tomlinson did not talk about in the audiobook:

1. girlfriend

2. dog

3. girlfriend being at movie premiere

4. hanging out with girlfriend and dog during break

5. wanting to take girlfriend to ghana


Things Harry Styles did not talk about in the audiobook:

1. buying a house in LA

2. his “special relationship with HOLLYYYWOOOOODDDDD” (he was obviously asked about LA and why it’s a nice place/why he likes it but it was very different than the book)

3. relationships with girls 

4. “obviously” being into girls at 16 years old

Funny that.